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Data science for marketing 2019

The Paperjam Club is pleased to announce the launch of a new 4-day Analytics & Marketing program in partnership with Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

The sessions for this program will be spread over 4 days in November and December 2019 in Luxembourg city.

Four modules will be delivered.

Registrations period will run until September 2019.

"This Data Science program illustrates the future of executive education. It’s a fast-paced course combining both management skills and concrete business cases, with a top European business school’s know-how and participant interaction.

Solvay business school represents over 600 respected international academics. Firmly rooted in the business world, they truly understand the issues faced everyday and the aspirations shared by all managers and entrepreneurs.

This action-oriented learning experience helps participants articulate their leadership intuition, acknowledge the effciency dimension of any organizational situation and develop synergies within their teams, while also building a rich business vocabulary.

Paperjam Club’s continued participation ensures a value added program, providing an indispensable source of local entrepreneurship and business savoir-faire. They help us de ne regional challenges and select Luxembourg’s nest captains of industry to share their experience.

This high-level program is designed to use our collaborators’ personal experience to the best advantage, offering on trend content and helping companies succeed in a dynamic environment like Luxembourg today. Capitalizing on the success of similar programs we run worldwide, our principal objective remains to challenge and assist you as you redefine your future professional path. We look forward to welcoming you to our first edition of Solvay Business School Analytics and marketing program in 2019."

Benjamin BEECKMANS | Solvay Brussels School - Academic Director of Mini MBA program

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