Award ceremony with the attendance of Mr. Franz Fayot, Minister of Economic Affairs

The Paperjam Recovery Awards are an opportunity for companies to share their experiences on how they have successfully reoriented, reinvented, recovered, and shown solidarity to other companies during this global health crisis for the benefit of their customers, employees, and society at large.

Paperjam is looking for companies that have demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. All industries are invited to apply, from the smallest to the largest organizations, associations and institutions. Paperjam wants to hear from companies that found themselves unable to operate due to containment, but still managed to serve their customers; companies that actively engaged in supporting other struggling organizations or customers; companies that took the opportunity to digitalize their offerings through innovation, impacting the way they operate internally and externally. Paperjam wants to hear from you.

Paperjam readers can also nominate companies in each of the five categories.

Innovation, Resilience, Digitalization, Solidarity, Circular Economy

Paperjam offers your company editorial visibility, and your teams recognition for their work carried out under particularly difficult conditions.

Beyond designating the winners, the Paperjam Recovery Awards are also intended to be a source of inspiration for the entire Luxembourg economy and Paperjam will tell the stories of the many participants.

How to proceed?

Readers, you can nominate companies here.

Nominate companies

The independent jury will review the applications and nominations, and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony with the attendence of Mr. Franz Fayot, Minister of Economic Affairs on December 2 at a gala dinner.

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